The New Tradion CookbookThe New Tradition Cookbook

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Valerie Hart brings together many different recipes under one cover. There are wonderful things she covers like appetizers, soups, desserts, vegetable dishes, and lots more. Not only does she tell how to cook them, she also has notes on the many different occasions to serve them. Some of the soups are Cream of Spinach, Cold Cucumber, Shrimp and Crab Bisque, and Curry Gumbo. Then there are main items like Lamb Parisian, Bassano Beef, Chinese Chestnut Chicken and Pork. Topping it all off are desserts like Sunshine Cake, Rich Chocolate Roll, and Strawberry Pie. “The New Tradition Cookbook” has lots of dishes just waiting for people to try.

CaliClaus and the Christmas ContraptionMy Best Life

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- Archway Simon Schuster

Sakie is a twenty-two pound eighteen year old historian, philosopher and dreamer known to her friends and family as a food aficionado. Sensitive, poignant and humorous, she hastens to write her autobiography in her last hours. With details of her escapades with her present family, she shares adventures of her three other lives and the lives of cats she meets that tell their stories as the protagonists that changed history. She begins with her first life as the cherished mau of Ramses II. Her dreams take her to the ill-fated Spanish Armada and Alice’s Wonderland with the Cheshire Cat. In real life she meets the pampered feline of Madame Royale, the black cat that saved Siena from the Plague and the handsome SAR American Tabby who tells the story of his heroic ride during the American Revolution. Her present life is detailed with travel from Miami Beach to Mount Dora and up the magnificent St. John’s River. Each story is followed by historic and modern recipes that create a combination novel and cookbook.

CaliClaus and the Christmas ContraptionCaliClaus and the Christmas Contraption
a delightful escapade of a magical cat who, with her team of eight felines, rescues two hundred cats and six dozen kittens from the local shelter to give to families on Christmas Eve. She recruits eight dogs and attaches them to a contraption filled with food, supplies, and rescued cats. Then, with her in the lead on a stolen Harley motorcycle, the dogs and her team fly through the air to deliver their gifts.

The book includes three other stories:
'Peter Penguin Goes Home'
'Joey’s Duck'
'Sakie’s Adventure in Wonderland'

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The Bounty of Central Florida by Valerie Hart
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