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So, you’re going on a diet! AGAIN?? Which one this time? The Cabbage Soup Diet promises to take off 10 pounds in 7 days with all the cabbage soup you can swallow. Yugggggh! How about Atkins bankrupt low carb diet that causes water loss and the breakdown of lean body mass. Scarsdale’s 7 day plan has you gorging grapefruit, diet drinks, and herbal appetite suppressants. The reason it knocks the pounds off immediately is due to the body’s sharp chemical reaction. Ouch! The 7 Day All You Can Eat Diet allows bananas only on Thursday! For chimpanzees maybe! The South Beach diet advertisement shows a sleek young lady with the caption, “Before, size 16 – After, size 2. RIGHT!!!! Or, you could cash in your savings account to purchase the supplements you have to take on the LA Diet.

Then there’s the ad, “Lose weight forever with McDonald’s French fries”. Check it out. They’re serious!

Remember the last six times you’ve tried one of these quick weight loss programs?? You gained back every pound plus some as soon as you went off.

We Americans are the most diet conscious, overweight people on the planet. All we talk about is health and nutrition. Just look at us reading labels in the grocery store. OOO, this must be bad. Just LOOK at the CARBs! OOOO this must be good. It says “LOW FAT”. RIGHT!!! And, next year the experts will have us measuring something else for our health and welfare.

Meanwhile, we’ll just continue buying sugar filled cereals for our children’s breakfasts to make sure they will be hyper-active in the classroom so some doctor who isn’t aware of their diet can prescribe Ritalin for their ADL disorder. And, after our healthy fruit and yogurt breakfast we can head to the nearest fast food chain and scarf down a quarter-pounder with cheese and French fries for 1200 calories. Don’t even mention the sodium content that exceeds the 2,400 milligram daily recommendation by the FDA. But, it’s all OK because we’ve washed it down with a diet drink with zero calories sweetened with Nutra Sweet®, which is the chemical, Aspartame, that contains 10% methanol which breaks down into formic acid and formaldehyde in the body as a cumulative poison that can cause enough health problems to fill a book.

Then there’s the opposite end of the spectrum. Go to an upscale shopping mall where the “beautiful people” hang out and you will see enough anorexics to force you to order a 2 nd banana split with double whipped cream. Hundreds of unisex creatures with arms and legs popping with sinew and muscle have not one ounce of warm flesh. The affluent ones have had their upper losses restored by plastic surgeons making these moving, breathing bony Barbie dolls with two grapefruits on top defy the law of gravity. What happened to Venus de Milo??? Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe, by these standards, were downright FAT.

O.K. So now, what about the rest of us who have too many bulges in all the wrong places? If we can’t get instant gorgeous-thin that lasts, what’s a great diet that’s not kinky where our tummies won’t grumble and our heads won’t ache and we won’t feel downright miserable???????

It’s really so simple. Eat everything, but half as much, and stop eating when you begin to get full. Just because the restaurant piles gargantuan portions on your plate doesn’t mean you have to eat them. Count calories. Buy fat-free half and half for your coffee and 100 calories fat free puddings for your snacks. Cut back on salt during the cooking. Sprinkle some on top for flavor at the table instead. You don’t have to eat foods you don’t like or deny yourself anything that tastes good. Just eat less of it. In other words, eat in moderation – And, drink in moderation. Nothing puts weight on faster than beer and booze! And, walk, walk, walk. It’s the best exercise of all other than pushing yourself away from the table


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