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Watch those turkeys in the fresh poultry section. When it says, “Fresh young turkey”, check the “Sell by” date. Next, make sure they’re not swimming in pink liquid. Leave turkeys and chicken for someone else if they’re weeping or have blood in the package. Dig into the back of the compartment underneath where it’s coldest and there’s no sign of seeping juices or blood. And, when you get to the check-out counter, don’t place meat or poultry on the conveyor belt. Ask for a plastic bag to cover it so there will be no danger of cross-contamination with other foods. Better yet, grab a plastic bag from the produce department to put meat and poultry into before adding them to your basket. You might say, “But, they’re already wrapped in plastic in the case”. Even if the packaging is tight, it has probably been in contact with raw poultry while being wrapped in the meat department.

Last, but not least, do not allow your poultry and meat to be placed into the same bag as your vegetables or fruit or anything you plan to eat raw.

Don’t worry about being strict. It’s your health!

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