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Thanksgiving Pumpkin Centerpiece

If you have an uncut whole medium size pumpkin left over from Halloween, here’s your chance to put it to good use as different idea for a lovely centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table:. If not, they are still available in most supermarkets and grocery stands.

Cut a circle approximately one-third from the top. Scoop out the seeds and pulp until the pumpkin is dry inside. Insert a plastic container tall enough to hold long-stems, but one that will not rise over the opening of the pumpkin.

Buy as many flowers as necessary to make a full bouquet, using yellow, orange and white for a Thanksgiving theme. Buy a piece of oasis, the material used by florists. You will find it at Walmart in the crafts section behind the artificial flowers. Place it into the container and cover with water several hours before adding the flowers.

Cut the stems of the flowers so they rise just above the opening of the pumpkin and insert them into the oasis. Set the pumpkin on a plate so it will not discolor your tablecloth. It’s really a dynamite centerpiece without much expense. If you have the small pie pumpkins, fill two or three with flowers to line the center of the table.

When you toss the flowers a few days later, save the oasis to use again.

By the way, if you do not have oasis, the flowers can be set into the container alone. But, the oasis holds them in place and allows you to do some high-low designing.

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