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Every pre-school teacher knows that it is essential to learn each child’s name immediately.

The most important thing we own is our name. It is what we are. It is who we are. It is ours alone. Just because someone else happens to have the same name doesn’t make ours less unique.

I marvel at people who remember names, particularly when I haven’t the foggiest notion what theirs are. And, I absolutely hate people who come up to me and say, “Hello, Valerie. I bet you don’t know who I am.”

“Of course I do. I’m embarrassed because I can’t remember your name.” And, then, they continue to talk until they walk away – And, I still don’t know their name. People in social situations should wear name tags. It’s only fair to those of us who remember faces but not names.

Which leads me to my point: Place cards at dinner parties! Whether the dinner is at home or a restaurant, there should always be place cards on the table. This isn’t so your guests will remember each other’s names but because, in the first place, it’s always awkward seating people. They always wait for their host to designate a seating arrangement. seeing their name

You don’t have to be in kindergarten to feel important when you see your name. It means that your host is genuinely happy you are at his table.

When I receive an invitation that states, “Regrets Only”, I toss it into the garbage. If they don’t care who’s coming, then who needs to get all dressed up to just fill their chairs


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