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 •  Cold First Course or Salad as First Course
 •  Service Plate
 •  Napkin. If there is not enough room between place settings to set the napkin to the left of the silver, it may be placed on top of the forks, or above the place card. It is also proper to set it into an empty glass in an attractive manner.
 •  Fish Fork
 •  Salad Fork
 •  Entrée Fork
 •  Butter Plate Knife.
 •  Individual Salt
 •  Individual Pepper
 •  Place Card
 •  Water Goblet. Fill before guests are seated.
 •  White Wine Glass. Remove at the same time as the course it accompanies.
 •  Champagne Glass
 •  Red Wine Glass
 •  Port or Sherry Glass
 •  Soup Spoon
 •  Fish Knife
 •  Salad Knife
 •  Entrée Knife

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